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  JingTie Machinery Co. Ltd., established in 1996, with two manufacturing plants located in Duongguang and Suzhou, China, is presently one of the largest and most well known companies involved in the manufacturing of rotating and extruding equipment for use in the wire and cable manufacturing industries. Our company name, JingTie, represents the Chinese words meaning “precise metal”, which reflects the meticulous precision of the machinery that our company produces. It is our mission to provide our customers with a complete range of precisely made, stranding, bunching and cabling machinery products at competitive market prices and with any necessary back-up support to ensure they are completely satisfied.

JingTie’s passion, persistence and specialized technological knowledge in creating reliable machine concepts with crucial competitive advantages for our customers has resulted in it becoming the leading private Chinese enterprise in the wire and cable manufacturing field. Our dedication to excellence has been recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Government and they have awarded JingTie Machinery with the “private technology enterprise in Guangdong award”, the “Guangdong creditable enterprise award”,“the famous brand from Guangdong Province award”,and “the national new high-tech enterprise”.   

Our major machinery products include:

  • A complete wire and cable extruding production line
  • Silicon rubber, fluoro-plastic, physical foaming and other special extrusion production lines
  • Category 5 Cable, enhanced category 5e Cable, and Category 6 Cable production lines
  • Single Twister machines, Arch-type Twister machines and Computer-based automatic wire cutting machines

Customer service
Our customer service department is fully equipped to assist in the installation, commissioning, start-up, maintenance, operator training, and the provision of turnkey solutions for our customers, thus improving their fabrication efficiency, quality standards, and ultimately maximizing their profits. We have implemented our EZ SERVICE system which ensures that complete and accurate records are maintained for each and every machine and associated part that we manufacture. This system allows us to easily trace and trouble shoot any issues that may arise and quickly and efficiently attend to them both in the short and long term. Our fast service response times provides both new and existing customers with the support necessary to maximize their productivity with greater machine running time leading to more production and guaranteed customer satisfaction.  

Quality control
Quality control is of utmost importance to JingTie Machinery, as we continually strive to develop innovative and original products of the highest quality possible. Our engineers utilize the latest testing techniques available, based on liquid-penetrant and magnetic-particle examination, together with various other types of measuring devices, including dimensional testing equipment which enables us to readily verify the physical properties of the materials involved.

In addition, JingTie Machinery is compliant with ISO 9001. For every machine manufactured, we record and save all data under a serial number which can be used to trace all drawings and specifications for each component part. This certification requires our constant and dedicated commitment towards the improvement of the entire cycle of activities in our manufacturing processes. With these quality control procedures and ISO certification in place, JingTie Machinery is well able to provide our customers with the full support necessary and offer turnkey solutions to maximize the productivity of their machines, thus guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.